Dogfights in Armenia, 2017.

An elderly woman who is living alone in her domik(small house in Russian). Gyumri, Armenia, 2017.

Anatolia, 2015.

An elderly woman and photo of her deceased son. 2018, Ankara.

Tepecik, a suburban neighborhood. Ankara, Turkey, 2018.

A family in Igneada beach, 2018.

Yerevan-Gyumri train from the Soviet Union period. 2017.

Anatolian Alevis. 2019, Maraş.

Anatolian Alevis. 2019, Maraş.

Istanbul, 2022.

Anniversary of 15 july 2016 coup attempt. Istanbul, 2017.

Justice March, Istanbul, 2017.

A woman who was crying while watching the women march. 2019, Istanbul.

8 March International Women Day. Istanbul, 2018.

Rain storm in Istanbul, 2017.

The elderly woman is applauding the protesters on the tram. 2017, Istanbul.

Two lovers are in front of NO banner during the referendum elections in Turkey. Istanbul, 2017.

People are gathering for Armenian journalist Hrant Dink who killed in 2007. Istanbul, 2018.

Turkish football team Beşiktaş's fans are celebrating of their team's championship. Istanbul, 2016.

A woman and her drunk boyfriend. 2016, Istanbul.

Heidelberg, Germany, 2016.

Anatolia, 2015.

A little girl is watching the outside from her window. Istanbul, 2016.

Lankchuti, Georgia, 2017.

Igneada, Turkey, 2018.

An Alevi coffee house in village. Dersim, 2014.

Dersim, 2014.

Istanbul, 2021.

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